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SBLAW has been recognized as one of the leading and highly recommended business law firms in Vietnam.

Today, our two offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are staffed by a strong team of about 40 lawyers/attorney and legal professionals under the leadership of six partners, who have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Vietnam’s political culture and the legal development.

SBLAW advised clients in a wide variety including foreign and domestic investment consultancy in Vietnam, business law in Vietnam, intellectual property law in Vietnam, banking and finance law in Vietnam,corporate law, commercial law, property and real estate law, tax law,agreement and contract consultancy, arbitration and litigation, M&A,leasing, construction law, employment and labor law, insurance law,enterprise development and management law.

Our solutions given to clients, therefore, could satisfy the client’s demand in a very comprehensive and practical way.

As the leading Intellectual Property (IP) agent licensed in Vietnam, SBLAW IP Agent with qualified patent and trademark attorneys provides cross-border services related to trademark, patent, utility solution, industrial design, copyright, licensing, franchising, technology transfer, investigation & enforcement, anti-counterfeiting & unfair competition, custom actions, IP litigation and other IP services.

SBLAW maintains close relationships with prominent law firms in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Japan, USA, EU, Korea, China, Taiwan, UAE, Pakistan, …to offer IP top-level advice worldwide and nationwide.

Our Vision

SBLAW aims to become a pioneer law firm in business, investment, intellectual property, and litigation in Viet Nam.

Our Mission

SBLAW always strives to provide innovative and highly practical legal solutions, which provides legal safety for the business community and entrepreneurs. Throughout years of experience, SBLAW has been contributing effectively to the process of improving business law and enhancing the business environment in Viet Nam.

Core Values


SBLAW's lawyers work hard in each specific job to deliver the optimal results for our clients with the motto: "Beyond Satisfaction"


With a logical and modern mindset, SBLAW always provides ingenious and highly practical legal solutions.


SBLAW adheres to the professional process and work ethics of lawyers.


SBLAW performs all contracts with a clear commitment and a proactive culture.


SBLAW prioritises the effectiveness of outcomes with high determination to achieve our targets.


SBLAW ignites the passion in every lawyer and consultant to deliver high-quality consulting services, advice that satisfies our clients.

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