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One of the best ways to protect your rights for business dispute resolution is to hire a private lawyer.

It is hard to avoid conflicts and disputes in a business. At that time, finding a reasonable and flexible solution is extremely important. There are many types of business dispute resolution such as court, arbitration, lawyers, etc. Nowadays, hiring a private lawyer for resolving business disputes is a common way which is chosen by many businessmen.

Why should you hire a lawyer to resolve business disputes?

+ Minimize the common legal risks.

+ Low cost, high efficiency: Enterprises only need to sign a hiring contract with a law firm at reasonable cost. Therefore, they are already owned a team of professional lawyers who dedicated to legal support for business at anytime and in anywhere.

+ Professional: A team of lawyers with high professional qualifications and experience will help you resolve disputes in a neat, objective and lawful manner.

+ Confidence in making faster decisions: In the process of negotiating such important cases, such psychological barriers and limitation of legal knowledge may cause unpredictable legal risks and damages. You may feel confident, professional and comfortable having your lawyer by your side.

+ Convenience: You may agree on the time, place and procedure when hiring a private lawyer

+ Once a lawyer resolves business disputes, it is no need to go through such jurisdiction like a Court.

Types of business dispute resolution

Relying on a lawyer in resolving business dispute is an indispensable requirement because lawyer is the one to solve and ensure maximum benefits for businesses.  SB Law would provide you the following methods of business dispute resolution.

Business dispute resolution by negotiation

Negotiations are reached through discussions made between the parties without an involvement of the third party. This method depends upon the involved parties and is not bound by any particular legal or regulatory rule. The result may depends on the parties and is not guaranteed to be enforced, which is likely to happen again.

The advantages of this method can be listed as the simple, effective, fast, convenient and economic. The parties may also protect corporate reputation as well as business secrets.

However, its disadvantage may be listed as being not guaranteed to be enforced because it is not subject to a mandatory mechanism.

Business dispute resolution by mediation

Mediation means the process in which a neutral third party assists the parties in conflict to reach a solution. This method is not subject to any legal or regulatory rule as same as negotiation. The final result still depends on the parties but are not guaranteed to be enforced.

Business dispute resolution by mediation is not likely to be chosen by the parties despite higher rate of success due to the assistance of a third party. Since the corporate reputation and business secrets affected easily as well as its unguaranteed to be enforced are the main disadvantages of this method.

Business dispute resolution by arbitration

Arbitration is a non-profit governmental agency. Arbitration is a social organization competent to settle a number of disputes in accordance with law, regardless of the nationality, gender, color,... of the parties to the dispute.

This method has many advantages such as being able to appoint well arbitrators, thereby resolving disputes quickly and accurately, settle disputes involving foreign elements suitably. Time and location are flexible, there is no need to go through trials, saving time and effort for the parties.

However, this is a fairly expensive method of dispute resolution due to the involvement of a single jurisdictional level.

Business dispute resolution by court

Court means the process of dispute resolution in a judicial body of state conducted in strict order and in compliance with judgments or decision of the Court.

The advantages can be listed such as the enforcement of execution, involvement of many jurisdiction levels, ensuring accuracy, fairness and objectivity. However, on the other hand, it may be time-consuming and unguaranteed business secret.

SB Law – A reliable address with years of experience.

With nearly 40 business dispute resolution lawyers and legal experts in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices, SBLAW is proud to have a good lawyers team which is highly qualified with prestigious, professional and experienced in the fields of project investment consultancy (energy, telecommunications, real estate, construction), M&A, corporate governance, banking and finance, taxes, intellectual property, technology transfer and other legal support activities.

Therefore, SB Law’s dispute resolution service will ensure fairness, accuracy to clients and credibility for businesses..

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