Debt collection proceedings

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Commercial business is based on debts and credits, influencing the revenue and profit of the business. In the recent times, companies and firms face a major problem in debts collection, especially bad debts.

In such a situation, it becomes necessary for the aggrieved party, company or business owner to look out for a lawyer or law firm to appraise them of the legal rights available to realize these bad debts.

  • Initial advice on bad debt collection.
  • Detailed advice on legal proceedings.
  • Court and Legal Enforcement Agency proceedings.
  • Cooperation with competent authority to seize property, freeze the bank account, claim for the bankruptcy.
Legal Advisse Debt Collection - SBLAW
Legal Advisse Debt Collection - SBLAW

SBLAW with its group of qualified lawyers help their clients to handle the bad debt collection and settle the issue effectively.

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