Contract consultancy

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Contract is the law for the parties. In the business transactions, it is very important to draft a contract under the law and mutual benefits of the parties.

1.With the team of qualified lawyers, SBLAW always provides you with good contract consultancy service, such as:

– Check the legal status of the present and future contracts.

– Appoint the lawyers in negotiation, mediation, dispute settlement of the contract performance.

– Draft the master agreement, cooperative agreement in the business course.

2. We have the typical transactions as follows:

– Assisting LPC Company to negotiate the cooperative contract to distribute Delta Beam with Peikko Group Company of Finland.

– Check the legal status of the franchise agreement between Caffé Bene, Korea and Vietnamese partners.

– Revise the Franchising Agreement between TWT JSC and Mad Science Group of Canada.

–  Draft the agency agreement to exclusively distribute wine in Vietnam between Vietnamese Company and Italian Wine Manufacturer.

–  Draft cooperative agreement between Esco Pte., Ltd and Vietnamese partner.


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