What is the method of payment of Technology Transfer Contract

Contracting parties may agree on payment by any of the following methods: Payment in lump sum or installments in cash or in kind; Conversion of the technology value into contributions as capital to an investment project or to an enterprise; In case the contracting parties agree on contribution of technologies as capital, only after the […]

Procedure for Certificate of Technology Transfer Contract Registration issuance

In the event of registration, within 90 days from the signing contract, the Transferee (in case the technology is transferred from foreign country to Vietnam) has to submit the documents to the competent authority to issue the Certificate of Technology Transfer Contract Registration. 1.The competent authority:  Department of Science and Technology. 2. Term: Within 15 […]

What is the registration procedure for Technology Transfer Contract?

According to Decree 133/2008/ND-CP detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of Law on Technology Transfer, technology transfer contracts are not subject to compulsory registration but contracting parties may register their contracts if they so wish. If wishing to register a technology transfer contract, a technology transferee (in case of transfer of a technology […]

What are the contents of the Technology Transfer Contract?

Parties entering into a technology transfer contract may reach agreement on inclusion of the following particulars: 1. Name of the technology transfer contract, clearly stating the name of the transferred technology. 2. The technology object which is being transferred and the products created from the technology. 3. Transfer of the ownership of [and/or] right to […]

What are the forms of technology transfer?

The transfer of a technology shall be permitted to be implemented via the following forms: An independent technology transfer contract. A section on technology transfer in the following projects or contracts: An investment project; A franchising contract; A contract transferring industrial property rights; A contract for purchase and sale of machinery or equipment to which […]

What are the objects of technology transfer?

Technologies the transfer of which is encouraged A technology the transfer of which is encouraged means high technology or progressivetechnology which satisfies one of the following requirements: It creates new products which are highly competitive. It creates a new industry or new services

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