Lessons from Y Center's Experience in Vietnam

Navigating Disputes in Franchise Contracts: Lessons from Y Center's Experience in Vietnam

In the vibrant landscape of business expansion, franchise agreements often serve as the bridge between established brands and aspiring entrepreneurs. However, the absence of comprehensive clauses detailing operational frameworks can lead to disputes, as evidenced by the recent challenges faced by an esteemed foreign language training company with over 25 years of experience in Vietnam, […]

SBLAW provides legal service for franchising activity in Vietnam

The lawyer of SBLAW provides legal service for franchising activity in Vietnam, our legal service includes the following works: I. Preparing for the dossier, 1.Franchise registration application (by SB LAW) 2. Power of Attorney (By SB LAW) 3. Franchise agreement 4. Brief Introduction of franchisor. Fill in the attached form. - Your Own Statement of […]

Register commercial franchising

Register commercial franchising

Question: Our company (based in Singapore) would like to franchise to a company in Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, we need to register commercial franchising at Ministry of Industry and Trade. Please provide us with documents and information required for this procedure and your proposal. Answer:  The franchisors from abroad have to franchise registration in Vietnam with […]

Legal advice on franchising in Vietnam

Question: We would appreciate if you could give us your view on the following, on a complimentary basis at this juncture, and provide us with your quotation thereafter for assisting us with reviewing and revising the necessary documents. We set out below our understanding of franchising requirements in Vietnam: The Franchisor must have been in […]