SBLAW provides legal service for franchising activity in Vietnam

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The lawyer of SBLAW provides legal service for franchising activity in Vietnam, our legal service includes the following works:

I. Preparing for the dossier,

1.Franchise registration application (by SB LAW)

2. Power of Attorney (By SB LAW)

3. Franchise agreement

4. Brief Introduction of franchisor. Fill in the attached form.

- Your Own Statement of your financial ability (information may include: the experience on the activities, business benefit, your financial ability..etc whatever information which you think it is necessary to prove you have financial ability)

5. Business certificate (or equivalent documents) of the franchiser (Notarized and legalized)

6. A copy of trademark certificate or copyright (if any) (Notarized and legalized)

it shall take us about 5-8 days to complete the dossier after receiving your full document.

II. Submitting the above dossier to the competent authority

Normally, the result will be available within 25-30 working days from the filing date in a straight forward case.

It could be longer since this case we have to persuade the authority to accept a dossier without financial audit.


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