Cosmetics and Health Supplement Registrations in Vietnam

Question: Our firm is a french Cosmetics and Health Supplement Brand which has been on the market for about 60 years. The products are produced locally in Europe. We are planning to export their Cosmetics and Health Supplement products to Vietnam and/or Indonesia, and we would like to know how your company can help us […]

Some note on foreigners buy house in Vietnam

Since joining WTO, Vietnam has been more widely known across the world, and with that more and more foreigners move to into Vietnam. In the past, a foreign home buyer had to go through many procedures. A problem that Vietnam poses is, how to attract more foreigners and enable them to live and work in […]

Foreign Investment in Vietnam

Question: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Investor from a company, based in Malaysia.  We are Distributing and retailing of Sport Products in South East Asia.  We are currently exploring business in Vietnam and understand that there might be Foreign Investment Rules we need to take note.  I have few questions which I hope […]

Vietnam Green Labels under Vietnam Law

Question  In the Circular No. 212/2015/TT-BTC, Article 3, Item 1i: Production of eco-friendly products awarded Vietnam Green Labels by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Products from the recycling and treatment of waste certified by the competent state authorities. So that, how to have the: Vietnam Green Labels Certified by the competent state authorities for […]

Loan structure in Vietnam company

Question: Company A is 100% shareholder of Vietnam Company. So far company A has granted loans in the amount of USD 1 milions to Vietnam company. The questions would be: What is the exact definition of investment capital under Vietnamese law? Does the investment capital have to be increased as a result of the planned […]

set up a company in Vietnam

Set up a company in Vietnam

Question: We would like to set up a company in Vietnam to do the intermediarytrade. The Business scope will be: Importing Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Nuts

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