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As Telecommunication and information technology sector in Vietnam has been moving forward continuously, Vietnam Legislation in this field also has been radically improved to make it more compatible with international rules and more business friendly.

Being well aware of booming business in Telecommunication and information technology sector, SBLAW Lawyers and Expert has early paid a great attention to services and solution engaged with this sector.

SBLAW benefits Clients through its extensive range of services including advices on legislation or policies, negotiation assistance, preparing contracts relating to telecommunication, assistance in obtaining website license, assisting in preparing term of services applied to website, dispute resolution assistance and IP right protection related to Telecommunication and information technology.

Telecommunication & Information Technology Legal Advisory Service In Vietnam
Telecommunication & Information Technology Legal Advisory Service In Vietnam

Telecommunication & Information Technology Legal Advisory Service In Vietnam

Our major deals include the followings among others:

- Acting for VC Corporation - a leading company operating in the field of internet and electronic trading of Vietnam - to obtain licenses for advertisement, setting up social networking websites and resolve disputes arised between administrators and users;

- Acting for Vat Gia JSC - the owner of well known electronic trading websites in Vietnam - to deal licensing matters with competent authorities;

- Acting for Pecesoft Co., Ltd - the owner of website and to register its Intellectual Property Rights and set up a regulation on electronic payments;

- Acting for VTC Online to negotiate for music copyright license with Sony Music Entertainment;

- Acting for Global Data Services JSC in preparing, negotiation for agreement on co-location services to be entered with its Japanese Partner.


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