Legal Translation in Vietnam

Nội dung bài viết

With a team of lawyers and legal professionals not only experienced in the fields of specialized law but also fluent in foreign languages​​,

Legal Translation in Vietnam
Legal Translation in Vietnam

Legal Translation in Vietnam

S&B Law is ready to provide translation service from English into Vietnamese and from Vietnamese into English of the legal documents, as follows:

  • The joint ventures contracts, commercial contracts.
  • The judgments of economic, civil, commercial, criminal cases.
  • The documents on intellectual property such as the description of patent, the description of industrial design, other documents on copyright, trademark.
  • The legal documents on Tendering.
  • The legal documents on banking transactions.
  • The other documents such as wills, certificates of marriage registration, divorce judgments,
  • In addition, S&B Law is also a reliable translator in good relation with the judicial department. Thus, after the document is translated, we will supply the service to verify translation by judicial department.

The following are some typical transactions:

- Translation for IBM regarding to documents on tendering project in information technology for customers in Vietnam.

- Translation of all documents regarding to banking transactions of Military Bank for oversea branches of MB.

- Translation of documents, drawings, descriptions of patent, industrial design, trademark for foreign customers with the application in Vietnam.

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