SB Law protect Tan A Dai Thanh trademark abroad.

SB Law represented the Intellectual Property and Trademark Protection internationally to Tan A Dai Thanh. "As a first business in the field of metal household, Tan A Dai Thanh Corporation was established in 1993 with Tan A products being stainless steel watertank and plastic water tanks. Over 20 years, the Corporation always led in applying […] was granted the investment certificate in Vietnam. which is the Japanese investor operates in the production and supplement the digital content. chose Vietnam as new investment abroad according to its business strategy.In Vietnam, selected lawyers of SB Law as the legal partner. The mission of SB Law was to research investment sectors and the business lines of partners in […]

Checklist for establishment of representative office in Vietnam.

There is checklist for set up representative office in Vietnam.   No. Documents Who to provide Language Remark 1. Notarized and Legalized Copied Certificate of Business Registration of CLIENT or other equivalent document CLIENT English To be enclosed with Application. 02 copies are required.   2 Notarized copy of Charter or Constitution of company CLIENT […]

Amendment of owner and legal representative for foreign invested company in Vietnam

In case a Foreign Invested Company (“FIC”) would like to change of its owner and Legal Representative (“FIC”) with Vietnam Competent Authorities, We, therefore, are grateful to present our legal service proposal for client’s review and consideration. Under Vietnam Law, a FIC is entitled to amend the Investment Certificate to reflect change of its Owner/Shareholder […]

Use of Power of Attorney in Vietnam Company.

Under Vietnam Enterprise Law, the legal representative (director, general director) of a Vietnam company is allowed to appoint an authorized representative to act on his/her behalf on certain matters. For example signing a commercial contract with a business partner. The procedure is very simple. He/she shall draft a Power of Attorney (POA), signed and stamp […]

Amendment of Investment Certificate of Foreign Company in Vietnam.

In order to do business in Vietnam, the foreign investor has to obtain the Investment Certificate to set up a company in Vietnam. The content of Investment Certificate consists the following points: The name of investor. The name of company. The name and location of project. The investment capital. The other content. However, if the […]

SB Law worked with the East Asia Institute of Management

On 28th, June 2013, Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha and Lawyer Tran Trung Kien from SB Law Firm had a meeting with Mrs. Ivy Ang, the Director of the International Development Department of the East Asia Institute of Management. In the meeting, Mrs. Ivy Ang discussed about investment opportunities in Vietnam. She said that Vietnam was […]

Leaders of the Japanese Family Mart Corporation visited and worked with SB Law.

On 18th June 2013, in SB Law Ho Chi Minh City office, Lawyer Nguyen Tien Hoa, Branch Director, had a meeting with the representatives of Japanese Family Mart, leading by Mr. Takehiko Kigure. In the meeting, Mr. Kigure Takehiko expressed pleasure to visit SB Law, a law firm with qualified lawyers understanding business environment in […]

Guidance for registering patent in Vietnam.

Guidance for registering patent in Vietnam.

SBLAW would like to provide you the guidance for registering patent in Vietnam as follows: 1. The fee for filling a patent application in Vietnam. In order to file a patent application in Vietnam, the applicant has to pay the following fee: 1.1.Filling application for patent application (*) Additional charge for a specification more than […]