Leaders of the Japanese Family Mart Corporation visited and worked with SB Law.

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On 18th June 2013, in SB Law Ho Chi Minh City office, Lawyer Nguyen Tien Hoa, Branch Director, had a meeting with the representatives of Japanese Family Mart, leading by Mr. Takehiko Kigure.

In the meeting, Mr. Kigure Takehiko expressed pleasure to visit SB Law, a law firm with qualified lawyers understanding business environment in Vietnam and abroad.

Mr. Kigure Takehiko also emphasized that Family Mart is always complying with local law and chose SB Law as the legal partner to consult legal aspects for business activities of the Corporation in Vietnam.

Family Mart’s leader also wanted to cooperate with SB Law when the Corporation continuously increased investment capital.

Lawyer Nguyen Tien Hoa welcomed Mr. Kigure Takehiko and the representatives come to Vietnam to work. Lawyer Hoa has notified the representatives about the achievements of SB Law and recent activities of SB Law for Vietnam Family Mart.

Throughthese activities, Lawyer Hoa also wanted to ensure legal safety for Vietnam Family Mart and looked forward to providing legal services for Vietnam Family Mart in the future.

Family Mart is one of the leading retail corporations in Japan, which operates in the field of trading convenience store with 24/24 hour opening.

Family Mart is available in some countries such as U.S., Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam. The store system goes upto 16,000; Family Mart is gradually predicating its position in the foreign retail.


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