Dispute resolution: arbitration

Nội dung dịch vụ

We have increasingly been involved in dispute resolution by arbitration which has been appreciated as a way to offload the cases at the Vietnamese system and to create transparency and predictability for the outcome of the hearing process.
The value that SBLAW contributed to client is effective combination of evidence and argument, risks tracking, potential damage and risk control, negotiation and also mediation.
SBLAW has represented many clients in dispute resolutions, either by way of out-of-court settlement or before the Vietnamese courts, State agencies or the Vietnam International Arbitration Center.

Below are some major deals:

- Representing for a Singaporean Investor being the plaintiff in the dispute between shareholders of a foreign invested company in Vietnam;
- Representing for a Foreign Investor being the plaintiff before Binh Duong Court in the dispute relating to implementation of Trademark Licensing Agreement;
- Representing for a Foreign Investor being plaintiff before Binh Duong Court in the dispute relating to Trademark Infringement;
- Representing for a Local Company being defendant in an international trade dispute;
- Representing for a Local Company being defendant before Hanoi Court in a case relating to recognition and enforcement of the Foreign Arbitration Award in Vietnam;


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