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The demand for the lawyers with experiences, good legal knowledge and proficiency in foreign languages to assist corporations in daily business course is increasing.

Supposedly, SBLAW is available to provide retaining legal consulting service for corporations. The legal work that the lawyers provide to Clients includes (but not limited to) the following tasks:

- Update the relevant legal regulations and inform the customers of the legal obligations they need to comply according to the Vietnamese Investment law and Business law and other legal documents, regarding to the Client's business operations.

Method to apply:

+ On the last day of each month, SBLAW will send Client a report on the summary of Investment law and Business law monthly issued, attaching to the quoted law documents. Reports shall be sent to Client in the form of data files via e-mails.

+ SBLAW will update immediately every legal document in the field of investment and enterprise, as soon as this document is posted on the "Cong bao" or on the website "Van ban phap luat Viet Nam" (Vietnam legal documents). The form of update is to send an e-mail notification about the contents of the document and notice the obligations of the Client as a subject of the Investment law and Business law.

- Draft the minutes/resolutions of  the General Council of Shareholders and the Board of Directors, notifications, letters of approval, the internal documents and the authorised documents.

Method to apply:

+ Client sends the request for drafting documents to SBLAW via e-mail or fax or documents for proof-saving.

+ SBLAW receives the Client's request and announces the deadline for the draft to the Client.

+ SBLAW submits the drafted version to Client in the form of data files via e-mails.

+ SBLAW will revise the draft according to suggestions or requests by Clients for a maximum of 3 times since the first draft for each document by SBLAW

- Review and draft contracts in transactions between Clients with and the partners or customers.

- Handle the legal issues arising in the business, production, management of Client.

Hereinafter are some Clients using retaining legal consulting service of SBLAW:

  • Retainer service for IBM Vietnam.
  • Retainer service for a wholly foreign-invested company by Singapore operating in the field of distribution in Vietnam.
  • Retainer service  for a media company in Vietnam.
  • Retainer service  for the Sao Viet stock company.
  • Retainer service for Lomonoxop school in Hanoi.


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