SB Law protect Tan A Dai Thanh trademark abroad.

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SB Law represented the Intellectual Property and Trademark Protection internationally to Tan A Dai Thanh.

"As a first business in the field of metal household, Tan A Dai Thanh Corporation was established in 1993 with Tan A products being stainless steel watertank and plastic water tanks. Over 20 years, the Corporation always led in applying foreign modern technology production lines with professional staff and excellent employees. They researched and created essential metal household products for life ... "(1)

Besides the resource investment of finance and human, Tan A Dai Thanh Corporation would like to register and protect the intellectual properties domestically and internationally.

After the selected process, Tan A Dai Thanh Corporation selected SB Law as the Intellectual Property Representative to protect trademark in foreign markets.

Positively, this is the right direction of the Corporation in exporting products to the foreign markets.

(1)                According to the website of the Tan A Dai Thanh Corporation.


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