Draft Decree on Administrative Sanctions in the Field of Land

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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is currently seeking public comments on the Draft Decree on Administrative Sanctions in the Field of Land.

This Draft Decree has the following salient points:

  • Scope of Regulation:

This Decree regulates administrative violations, penalties, penalty levels, remedial measures, authority to draw up records and authority to handle administrative violations in the field of land, including violations in land use and violations in the performance of land services.

  • Subjects of Regulation:

  1. Subjects to be punished include the following subjects with administrative violations specified in this Decree occurring on the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, except in cases where international treaties to which Vietnam is a member have other provisions:
  2. a) Vietnamese individuals, foreign individuals, overseas Vietnamese people, communities (hereinafter collectively referred to as individuals);
  3. b) Domestic organizations, foreign organizations, foreign-invested economic organizations, religious organizations, affiliated religious organizations (hereinafter collectively referred to as organizations).
  4. Competent authorities to handle violations and organizations and individuals involved in handling administrative violations in accordance with the provisions of this Decree.
  • Content of the Decree:

Regulates administrative violations of land such as: Using land for the wrong purpose without permission from the competent authority, encroaching on land, destroying land, obstructing and causing difficulties to adjacent plots,... Along with that, there are regulations on the forms of penalties, penalty levels, remedial measures and the authority to handle violations.


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