Draft Law on Digital Technology Industry

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The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) is drafting the Law on Digital Technology Industry with the aim of institutionalizing the policies and guidelines of the Party and State on the development of the ICT industry and digital technology industry; creating a favorable legal environment for the development of this industry.

The Law on Digital Technology Industry regulates digital technology industry, including: Digital technology industry activities, digital technology products and services; ensuring and promoting the development of digital technology industry; rights and responsibilities of organizations and individuals related to digital technology industry. This Law does not regulate the production and provision of digital technology products and services for national defense, security, and cipher purposes.

The subject of application of the Law is agencies, organizations, and individuals participating in or related to the digital technology industry.

The Draft Law on Digital Technology Industry has a structure of 6 chapters and 90 articles. Specifically:

Chapter I. General Provisions (including 6 articles: from Article 1 to Article 6);

Chapter II. Digital technology industry activities and digital technology products and services (including 7 articles: from Article 7 to Article 13);

Chapter III. Promoting the development of the digital technology industry (including 14 sections, 45 articles: from Article 14 to Article 58);

Chapter IV. Promoting and developing digital technology products and services (including 5 sections, 27 articles: from Article 59 to Article 85);

Chapter V. State management of digital technology industry (including 2 articles: Article 86 and Article 87);

Chapter VI. Implementing provisions (including 3 articles: from Article 88 to Article 90).


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