What are the objects of technology transfer?

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Technologies the transfer of which is encouraged

A technology the transfer of which is encouraged means high technology or progressivetechnology which satisfies one of the following requirements:
  • It creates new products which are highly competitive.
  • It creates a new industry or new services
  • It saves energy or raw materials.
  • It uses new energy resources or recycled energy.
  • It protects the health of humans.
  • It prevents or fights natural disasters or epidemics.
  • It results in clean production or is environmentally friendly.
  • It develops traditional crafts and industries.

Technologies the transfer of which is restricted

  • Transfer shall be restricted in the case of a technology aimed at any one of the following objectives:
  • Protection of the national interest.
  • Protection of the health of humans.
  • Protection of national cultural values.
  • Protection of animals and plants, natural resources or the environment.
  • Implementation of a provision in an international treaty of which the Socialist Republic ofVietnam is a member.

Technologies the transfer of which is prohibited:

  • A technology which fails to satisfy the requirements stipulated by the laws onoccupational safety, labour hygiene, protection of human health, and protection of natural resources and the environment.
  • A technology which creates products causing harm to socio-economic development andhaving an adverse impact on national defence and security or social order and safety.
  • A technology not permitted to be transferred pursuant to a provision in an international treatyof which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member.
  • A technology on the list of State secrets, unless a provision of law provides otherwise. 


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