What are the contents of the Technology Transfer Contract?

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Parties entering into a technology transfer contract may reach agreement on inclusion of the following particulars:

1. Name of the technology transfer contract, clearly stating the name of the transferred technology.

2. The technology object which is being transferred and the products created from the technology.

3. Transfer of the ownership of [and/or] right to use the technology.

4. Method of transfer of the technology.

5. Rights and obligations of the parties.

6. Price and mode of payment.

7. Date of effectiveness and term of validity of the contract.

8. Definition of terms and concepts (if any) used in the contract.

9. Plan and schedule for transfer of the technology, and location for implementing the transfer of the technology.

10. Liability to provide a warranty for the transferred technology.

11. Penalties for breach of contract.

12. Liability for breach of contract.

13. Applicable law for dispute resolution.

14. Tribunal for dispute resolution.

15. Other agreements, on condition that they are not contrary to the law of Vietnam.

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