New ponits in the PPP Law

At the 9th Session Program, the National Assembly XIV continues the 9th Session, the XIV National Assembly, on June 18, the Law on Public Private Partnership (PPP) was passed with 92, 75% approval from the National Assembly Deputies. The Law on Public Private Partnership (PPP) consists of 11 chapters and 101 provisions on public-private partnership […]

New points in Law on Enterprise (Amended)

On 17th June, 2020, the National Assembly has officially passed the amendment of Law on Enterprise. With 10 Chapters and 218 Articles, the new Law on Enterprise has the following notable changes: Removing the regulation of notifying the enterprise’s seal to the business registration authority, establishing amechanism of business registration via business registration portal with […]

Introduce on the Investment Law (amended)

On 17/6/2020, The National Assembly has just voted to approve the Investment Law (amended) with 7 chapters, 77 articles and 4 appendices attached with 446/458 delegates voting for it (accounting for 92.34% of the total number of delegates of the National Assembly) Conditional business lines: - To ensure business freedom right for people and businesses, […]

Consultancy on dispute resolution of commercial contract

Dispute resolution in Vietnam

A commercial contract is an agreement and document signed between the parties in order to carry out a procedure which clearly stipulates the rights and obligations between the contracting parties, providing the implementation and orientation in accordance with the law and the content agreed upon in the case. However in reality, there are still cases […]

Consultancy on drafting economic contract

Consultancy on drafting economic contracts is to ensure the rights and interests of the parties in the contract, as well as to anticipate the potential risks in order to regulate provisions of the Contract in accordance with Vietnam Laws. The role of contract in corporate transactions is becoming more and more important since parties in […]

Consultancy on Law on Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

A marriage and family lawyer is one of the best solutions to help you resolve family disputes peacefully. After marriage, many people often complain that: “Marriage is a grave of love”. Indeed, not all marriages are smooth and happy in the reality. The differences among point of views, behaviors, methods of child’s education, financial condition, […]

Top 10 law firms in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you looking for a talented and qualified lawyer specializing in defending and resolving disputes? However you still wonder whether to choose a reputation law firm. SB Law would like to introduce the Top 10 law firms in Ho Chi Minh City for your reference. SB Law Limited Company SB Law is a prestigious law […]


Are you facing with difficulty in legal issues, wondering which lawyer may help you to resolve legal issues? SB Law thoroughly understands such demands and therefore, we provide you herewith the Top 10 barristers in Ho Chi Minh for ease reference. Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha is the Chairman of SB Law, […]

Consultancy on Land Law

A lawyer advising on land law is a legal expert giving advice to help clients draft documents related to the implementation of Client’s rights and obligations in the field of land. As an oriented person, lawyer would give advice and proposal on land information in order to ensure rights and benefits of Client. What is […]