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Consultancy on drafting economic contracts is to ensure the rights and interests of the parties in the contract, as well as to anticipate the potential risks in order to regulate provisions of the Contract in accordance with Vietnam Laws.

The role of contract in corporate transactions is becoming more and more important since parties in economic contract are professional and having deep knowledge in laws as well as dispute issues. Therefore, it is important that enterprises should consult lawyers on drafting contract to set plan, solve problems arising in contracts and overcome loopholes as well as shortcomings.

Why is it necessary for enterprises to consult economic contract?

Here are the following reasons why businesses should hire a lawyer for economic contract consultation:

-With a team of highly trained professionals, years of experience in law, SB Law will assist your business in negotiation and private matters, drafting contracts, support in signing commercial contracts of the company

- To conduct legal procedures on behalf of clients

- Collect relating documents with contract.

-Reduce legal risks for businesses in the process of conducting transactions.

-Reduce costs, increase work efficiency

- Advise on the application of regulations in practice related to the terms in business contracts;

- The participation of lawyer will makes a good impress with your partners and clients.

- We are capable of sufficient ability to provide drafting contract services for clients and business.

The process of drafting economic contracts

SB Law provides consulting services for drafting economic contracts, preparing legal basis for content adjustment, negotiation and drafting relating economic contracts.

Consulting economic contracts

The lawyer will advise businesses on the following economic contract:

+ Advise on general provisions on economic contracts.

+ Check the singed contracts of clients or businesses for timely adjustment

+ Advise on negotiating economic contract

+ Advise on termination, cancellation of economic contracts

+ Advise on economic contract disputes.

Drafting economic contracts

To help clients sign and draft transactions in the contract, we would prove the following procedures:

-The first consultation of drafting contract

+ Provide clients instructions for relevant information and documents.

+ Summary and analysis at the request of clients and partners.

+ Make plans and negotiations

+ The first consultation of drafting contract

- The second consultation of drafting contract

+ Deliver the draft to Clients

+ Adjust and finalize the contract.

- Finalize the contract and deliver to clients:

+ Deliver the second drafting contract to Clients for checking.

+ Adjust the terms related to the rights and obligations of the parties in the contract and finalize the contract.

- Value-added services:

+ Advise Clients on the signing, negotiation, performance of contracts in accordance with Clients’ requirements

+ Advise Clients on dispute resolutions

In addition to consulting the drafting of economic and commercial contracts, our company also provides advice on drafting civil contracts, marriage and family contracts and other types of contracts according to customer requirements and legal provisions of Vietnam law.

Cost of drafting economic contracts

SB Law Firm always puts prestige and quality as our first priority.

The tariff is based on criteria regarding fee of drafting contracts, fee of validity checks from third parties or other agencies such as auditors.

Therefore, the lawyer service fee is competition and reasonable based on the cases. We always try our best to bring the largest market value to clients in response to your belief on us.

Benefits of consulting business contract at SB Law

+ Minimize risks and other disadvantages

+ Avoid loss of money and time.

+ With a team of experienced legal consultants, in-depth knowledge, we ensure the ability to resolve Clients’ issues thoroughly

+ Research to collect Client’s information for ease resolution

+ The participation of lawyers in drafting is very important. The practical experience of each lawyer would be a benchmark for consultation of economic contract.

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