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A lawyer advising on land law is a legal expert giving advice to help clients draft documents related to the implementation of Client’s rights and obligations in the field of land. As an oriented person, lawyer would give advice and proposal on land information in order to ensure rights and benefits of Client.

What is the benefit of land law consulting service?

+ Land law consulting service is one of the important services which affect customers' rights and benefits when using this service.

+ Land law consultancy services for business clients would provide quick solution in time manage.

+ Consult client on analyzing alibi or eliminating criminal liability, analyzing violations and errors in criminal proceedings in order to vindicate or reduce criminal liability.

+ Provide free criminal documents and other related documents in field.

Lawyer of land law

To solve issues related to land - housing for individuals, households or land - real estate for businesses, clients need an excellent lawyer with years of experience to solve land issues as soon as possible.

SB Law specializes in Land law consultancy for individuals and businesses.

With our experience and practical knowledge, SB LAW commits to advise and provide the most effective solutions for Clients. At the same time, we will perform the best protection of the rights and legitimate interests for Clients.

- Consultation of land law, households’ housing

+ Advise land dispute resolution on determining the lawful owner of land and houses.

+ Determine rights and obligations of the parties in the contract of assignment, conversion, mortgage of land and houses.

+ Advise on resolving inheritance disputes, common property disputes including land and houses;

+ Advise on the procedures for applying a land use right certificate.

+ Advise on the procedure of renaming the land use right certificate;

+ Advise on procedures of notarization of house purchase and sale contracts;

 - Consultation of land and real estate for businesses

+ Advise on procedures for leasing land for businesses.

+ Advise on procedures for drafting contracts and legal advice in the process of making red books for businesses.

+ Advise on law on real estate

+ Advise on drafting documents, house and land sale and purchase contracts, transfer contracts, giving houses and land to clients.

+ Advise on the terms of a house purchase, transfer, lease, and lease agreement for businesses.

The consulting services for land law, real estate, real estate lawyers and related areas will support individuals and organizations with better understanding of legal issues.

- Land law consultancy services at the office:

Clients with any questions or concerns may come to the office directly to exchange information. Our lawyer will resolve such difficulties and provide solutions as soon as possible.

- Land law consultancy services via email:

Clients may compose your inquiry and send them via mail. We will check it and actively respond to you.

- Land law consultancy services via call center:

Whether clients can not arrange time to meet lawyer in person, you may contact us via phone number 0904.340.664.

Why should you choose SB Law’s land law consultancy services?

+ A land lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the field of land, which is an important spiritual and legal prop for the client.

+ Affect Clients’ rights and interests

+ Save time

+ Provide accurate legal basis: lawyers, experts with experience in the field of land law can provide accurate, complete legal information.

+ Online land attorney service: Clients may select different types of communication via phone number, email or face-to-face meeting.

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