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Hiring an advisory and defense lawyer at Court is very important to protect your legitimate rights or your relatives in the event of arising conflicts and disputes at court.

Lawyers play an important role when participating in counseling and defense for the proceeding participants and the defendants as well as protecting the legitimate rights of victims and civil plaintiffs.

The sooner the lawyer is involved in the criminal case, the less wrongfully decision is made, as well as the imposition of severe penalties for the accused. This is the reason why an advisory and defense lawyer at Court is highly appreciated.

Benefits of hiring an advisory and defense lawyer at Court.

+ Support the accused, defendant and their family members to understand the provisions of law related to crimes for which they are examined for penal liability, procedures of resolving cases, time and results of resolving criminal cases.

+ Support the suspect, defendant, family members of the defendants to consider and asset the nature, level and legal consequences of law-breaking acts that the procedure-conducting agencies are handling.

+ Support the accused or defendant in drawing orientation and methods to overcome a part or all of the consequences; guide them to collect documents and evidence in order to vindicate, mitigate their penalties or find out the objective truths of the case.

+ On behalf of Client to meet and make recommendations with police, procuracies and courts to clarify the objective truths of the case, details and process of criminal acts .

+ In case of suspects and defendants being held in custody or temporary detention, lawyers may directly meet the accused and defendants in a detention, and at the same time participate in interrogation together with investigators and procurators to avoid bow, corporal punishment, or to clarify the objective truths of the case.

+ Lawyers participate directly in defense of the suspect and the defendants at first-instance and appellate trials. The lawyer would make arguments and argue with the procuracies for a satisfied judgment.

SB Law’s defense lawyer services at court

With a team of professional, enthusiastic lawyers, SB Law provides Clients our defense and litigation services at People's courts in all levels with the following legal services:

- Evaluate and give legal opinion on the possibility of winning the case.

- Collect, research and evaluate evidence.

- Do research and prepare case files and file lawsuits.

- Nominate lawyers to work and research records, provide evidence, make suggestions and requests, litigate and defend in Court.

- Appoint a lawyer to protect customers' legitimate rights and interests in the process of enforcing the Court's effective judgment.

With the above legal services, SB Law's lawyers will participate in resolving and protecting clients in the following cases:

Lawyers in business and commercial cases:

- Resolving disputes related to commercial business.

- Resolving disputes related to economic and commercial contracts.

- Resolving disputes related to loans, guarantees, real estate and real estate mortgages.

Lawyers in civil cases:

- Resolving land disputes.

- Resolving inheritance disputes.

- Resolve contractual disputes.

- Settling disputes over family, divorce and marriage involving foreign elements.

- Settle disputes on claim for damages inside and outside the contract.

Lawyers in labor cases:

- Resolving disputes related to salary, working time, rest time.

- Resolving disputes related to social insurance, unemployment insurance.

- Resolving disputes related to dismissal, early termination of labor contracts, compensation for damages, labor accidents, etc.

Lawyers in criminal cases:

- Clients are businesses participating in the proceedings as civil plaintiffs or civil defendants, Clients are individuals participating in the proceedings as victims.

- Collect documents and evidence to prove and reduce penalties, provide remedial measures.

- Lawyer defends directly for the suspect at the first instance trial.

- Reassure the defendant, advise the defendant to calmly consider the case.

Why should you choose advisory and defense lawyer at Court of SB Law?

Because SBLAW is one of the leading firm in business and intellectual property in Vietnam. SBLAW currently owns a team of experienced lawyers and legal professionals who graduated from prestigious law schools around the world such as Australia, France, Japan and South Korea.

SB LAW is also highly appreciated by large domestic enterprises and multinational corporations in consultancy activities. The Legal500 and IFLR conduct the assessment every year and rank SB LAW as one of the consulting companies that businesses should conduct consultations when doing business in Vietnam

Lawyers and legal experts of SB LAW not only have solid expertise and long-term experience, but also consciously enhance and expand their professional knowledge through self-training in the Company and through practical experience.

SB LAW is committed to providing legal services of the best quality and desires to be a reliable partner of the Vietnamese and international business community.

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