Consultation services on dispute resolution

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SBLAW is a team of lawyers with experience and knowledge in the field of dispute resolution.

Particularly, Thanh Ha Nguyen lawyer, who is chairman of SBLAW, has a vast experience in consulting and settling business disputes, hence, the SBLAW surely provides clients with the best solutions in order to settle disputes effectively.

SBLAW has a wide experience in supporting clients, particularly, who are businessmen to settle disputes in many areas like disputes occurring in internal companies, management of enterprises as well as disputes relating to commercial activities, land, real estate and other global commercial issues.

SBLAW  assists clients in settling disputes in the stage of pre-litigation:

- To assess wholly on legal and business elements, aiming to settling disputes effectively, fast and economically;

- To advise on steps, procedure, measures which are used to settle disputes;

- To research case-files and suggest solutions used to negotiate and settle disputes; to accompany with or represent clients in discussing with the third party;

- To advise and assist clients in drafting dossiers which are necessary to settle disputes;

Additionally, SBLAW also participates in adversarial activities at courts or competent tribunals:

- To draft and submit plaints and represent the clients in the procedure of litigation before the courts and competent tribunals;

- To represent the client in litigation and also as a lawyer protecting rights and lawful interests of clients.

- To advice and represent clients in discussing with competent bodies in the process of settling disputes effectively.


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