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Hiring legal staff to work on a monthly basis is very expensive for small businesses. In the stage of economic integration, in order to help businesses improve their competitiveness and minimize legal risks, they need to hire business litigation lawyers to give out the best plan for the company.

Who is a corporate barrister?

A corporate barrister is the one who stand against the idea and solve civil lawsuits whereby the litigants are debated about the requirements, evidence and proofs to protect their legitimate rights and interests of Clients.

Benefits of hiring corporate barrister for dispute resolution at court:

+ In addition to legal consulting services, with a team of lawyers who are well aware of law and experienced in participating in resolving disputes, we have the ability to assist clients in resolving all disputes in any fields of law.

+ Save time for business: A complex petition file may takes a long time to be resolved. Therefore, a barrister-at-law will help businesses save as much time as possible.

+ Low cost: Our team with experienced lawyers, legal knowledge, in-depth expertise will help clients save a significant cost.

+ Convenience and timeliness: For businesses that do not fully understand the laws of Vietnam due to a number of its innovations, leading to the situation that enterprises do not catch such regulations in time. Therefore, hiring a barrister is necessity in order to ensure the Company’s rights and interests.

+ Quality of professional services: SB Law always put prestige as our first priority. With success over 10 years of consultancy has brought SB Law to a new level with more professional and quality services.

SB Law’s corporate barrister services

SB Law provides business our barrister-at-law service at the lowest expense in the market.

Corporate barrister-at-law

+ Advise legal disputes related to property

+ Participate in protecting the lawful rights and interests of enterprises at the Court and competent state agencies throughout the settlement process.

+ Advise businesses on preparing lawsuit petition and legal issues

+ On behalf of Clients to collect evidence and determine the basis of the proceeding;

+ Advise on legal regulations to ensure the legality during business process.

+ Throughout the process of resolving disputes, the barrister will analyze and evaluate evidence, do report research and make final conclusion to ensure the interests of the business.

Why should you choose SB Law’s Barrister?

+ We have a team of experienced lawyers, deep professional knowledge with dedicated advice, highly success in the litigation

+ SB Law guarantees the best service quality at the lowest expense.

+ We always save maximum time for businesses.

+ With the experience of solving difficult cases, we are confident to bring you benefits with the highest efficiency.

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