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Litigation at Court is a process to protect the rights and interests of proceeding participants, but not everyone can take part in the proceeding by themselves. Therefore, hiring a lawyer at court is one of the necessities in legal life.

SB Law Firm specializes in providing legal litigation services at court. With a team of professional lawyers, extensive expertise and have accumulated experience through practice in every fields of law, consulting, litigation, we would help Clients resolve any issues in a short time.

Benefits of hiring a lawyer at Court:

SB Law Firm always puts quality and reputation as the first priority to serve our Clients:

- Advise methods of dispute resolution at court

- Advise document preparation and legal issues.

- Represent Client to protect their legal rights and interests in civil, economic, labor, marriage, administrative cases...

- Advise legal issues on: Finance, accounting, land, import and export, residential, commercial, intellectual property, investment...

- Advise administrative procedures before competent state agencies.

SB Law’s Barrister Services

With a team of experienced experts in practice and in-depth expertise, SB Law would provide the best barrister service to help Clients resolve litigation issues.

- Lawyer services to participate in criminal cases at court:

+ SB Law would receive Client’s information and appoint lawyers to participate in litigation of criminal case to ensure the rights and benefits of the accused and defendants.

+ Advise defendant's family against providing information which exculpate the defendant.

+ Approach defendant to collect additional information and evidence that may result in a lesser punishment.

- Lawyer services to participate in civil cases at court:

+ Appoint lawyer to be the representative of dispute resolution regarding family and marriage, commerce, business, labor issues…

+ Advise Clients against drafting contracts related to litigation

+ On behalf of Clients to participate in the litigation of resolving land disputes

+ Participate in resolving disputes on commercial contracts, economic contracts, housing purchase and sale contracts.

- Lawyer service to participate in land disputes at court:

+ On behalf of clients to resolve disputes regarding land use rights and houses.

+ On behalf of clients to draft documents and paper in case.

+ Advise Client on mediation of land use rights.

- Lawyer services to participate in marriage and family cases at court:

+ Participate in litigation at court regarding divorce disputes such as: disputes over common property of husband and wife, separate property, custody of children.

+ Participate in litigation for cases after divorce such as: disputes on custody of children, disputes on changing custody of children, disputes on visitation of children, disputes of common and private property.

+ Participate in litigation for cases before divorce dealing in the division of assets, child-raising, providing fees and the right to visit children.

+ Participate in the litigation of contested couples causing injuries during the divorce.

- Lawyer service to participate in inheritance disputes at court:

+ Advise Client on stipulation of inheritance.

+ Advise Client on the best option in case of no inheritance

+ Advice Client on the testament, property division rights

+ Advice Client on responsibilities and obligations of inheritance.

+ Advice Client on time and place of opening inheritance.

- Lawyer service to participate in business at court:

+ Resolve internal business conflict regarding capital contribution, transfer of capital, salary, profit sharing.

+ Advise on legal regulations and procedures related to corporate administration.

+ Advise legal documents related to business.

Benefits of hiring SB Law’s Barrister

Outstanding benefits of hiring SB Law’s Barrister:

- Team of skilled experts in resolving disputes at court, with practical experience, specialized training, the most prestigious lawyer would be appointed to participate in dispute resolution.

-Save time and money

- In-depth expertise: Barristers with a wide range of qualifications and experience have succeeded in a number of dispute resolution cases and gained reputation for solving Client’s issues in a short time.

SB Law has been recognized as a law firm with diversified and comprehensive consulting field and a wide network of operations throughout Vietnam and Asia.

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