Settling business disputes in Vietnam

Nội dung bài viết

Lawyers in SBLAW are experienced and always ready to advise clients on issues of mediation in business disputes related to the contract and other disputes.

Role of a lawyer is to analysis, offer advice to help parties in dispute comprehend the provisions of the law and the nature of the dispute, hence propose acceptable resolution to the parties and avoid having to present to the tribunals .

Litigation and Arbitration

In the event mediation fails and the parties cannot resolve the dispute, the lawyers of SBLAW will provide litigation consulting services in Vietnam and abroad.

SBLAW has partner networks in 60 countries around the world which will help clients to resolve disputes, protect the rights and their lawful interests from the case of contractual disputes to the complex trans- countries civil lawsuits.

In the international dispute proceedings, SBLAW plays the main advisory role to closely cooperate with local law firms with the goal of addressing in a most effective and economical way.

Lawyers in SBLAW has extensive experience in resolving disputes through international arbitration proceedings under ICC and UNCITRAL regulations.

In Vietnam, SBLAW has become familiar with helping clients find solutions to complex disputes and being authorized representatives or counselors before Courts and commercial arbitrations.


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