Recordal of assignment/licence agreement of trademark in Vietnam

Recordal of assignment/licence agreement of trademark in Vietnam

The assignment of a registered mark/pending application should be  recorded with the TM Office as soon as possible to make it legally effective and enforceable. To recordal of an assignment agreement, the following documents are required at the time of filing: i)               A Power of Attorney, which is simply signed by the Assignee or the Assignor. No […]

Some notes to protect the trademark in Vietnam

To protect the trademark in Vietnam, we would like to advise you on procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the trademark registration proceeding in Vietnam as follows: 1.      FEE SCHEDULE The basic fees are calculated based on the number of class of goods/services which your trademark is trading on. Therefore, to have our fixed quotation, please answer the following […]

Trademark in Vietnam.

trademark in Vietnam

If the client would like to register trademark in Vietnam, SBLAW would like to introduce the following legal procedure: 1. Trademark search (Optional): In order to verify the registrablity of your trademark in Vietnam before officially filing trademark application at National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP), you should conduct a search of the trademark. The […]

How to register trademark in Vietnam?

S&B Law would like to introduce the general information about registering trademark in Vietnam as follows: Procedure and timeline In Vietnam, the duration for a trademark application from mature to proceed to registration is round 14-18 months from the filing date, involving these stages (1) examination as to formality and publication on the Gazette (3 […]