How to register trademark in Vietnam?

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S&B Law would like to introduce the general information about registering trademark in Vietnam as follows:

Procedure and timeline

In Vietnam, the duration for a trademark application from mature to proceed to registration is round 14-18 months from the filing date, involving these stages (1) examination as to formality and publication on the Gazette (3 months); (2) examination as to substance (9 months) and (3) issuance of registration certificate for the registered mark (2 months).

Kindly note that the term for registration process normally takes longer to several months in practice due to the workload of the NOIP and the slow examination process by the NOIP’s examiner.

Required documents

To enable us to proceed with the subject filing, the following information and documents are required:

- Name and address of company;

- List of Goods/Services;

- Specimen of the applied mark (in soft copy);

- An original Power of Attorney (POA).

The fee for registering trademark in Vietnam.

Under local law and practicein Vietnam, multi-class application is applicable. However,it is necessary for the Applicant to indicate each item of goods/services, not a general one and the registration fees are calculated based upon the number of items of goods in each class. From 7th item in each class, an additional fee will be charged.


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