New company in Vietnam

New company in Vietnam

Question: Im from USA. I would like to open new company in Hanoi for export some product to vietnam to USA. we have company in USA so please advise me which type company we can open for export and import? How much cost for new company? How much time its take for registration ? We have […]

Formation of Vietnamese Subsidiary

Question: My company is a Singapore entity and  is interested in forming a wholly owned subsidiary in Vietnam in the field of overseas study consultation services. Please let me know the following: - Would you be able to assist with this project? - If so, what are your estimated fees for: + Forming the wholly-owned […]

Setting up Sole Proprietorship in Hanoi

Question: I am a Malaysian, looking to set up an e-business company (online-based selling) based in Vietnam, specifically in Hanoi. I am more interested in a Sole Proprietorship at the moment. Could you assist me in this process, and if so, what are the procedures and fees involved? Answer: This is reference to your email […]

Business Formation in Vietnam

Question: I am interested in opening a business in Vietnam which would be run on ground. That requires obtaining a residence permit with the business license. I like to know if you offer this type of service and the procedure. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Answer: Thank you for your information. We understand […]

Register foreign trading company in Vietnam

Question: We are the foreign trading company from Indonesia we want to set up company in Binh Duong Province with 100%foreign company Q1.How long its take time? Q2. Do we need to put money in account there for atart up Q3.I have my friend there she is Vietnamese if set up with foreign company its more […]

Etsablishment of Joint Venture Company with business principal activities of Operations of shipping agency and customs clearance agency.

This is reference to your email from which, we understand that your Singapore company, (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) is now seeking legaladvices for establishment of Joint Venture Company with business principal activities of (i) Operations of shipping agency and customs clearance agency (hereinafter referred to as “FIC”). Location of the Company can be in […]

Setting up shipping agency company in Vietnam

Question: We are a shipping company with our head quarter in Singapore. We operate our vessels between Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia countries. Now, we are planning setting up our own shipping agency company in Vietnam. Please let us know if you can help us to do so. We prefer to set up a […]

Setting up a company practicing dentistry in Vietnam

SBLAW would like to provide advice on possibilities of setting up a 100% foreign invested company practicing dentistry in Vietnam as follows: 1. SETTING UP FOREIGN INVESTED COMPANY IN VIETNAM The establishment of a FIC in Vietnam requires an Investment Certificate and a Certificate ofBusiness Registration from the licensing authority. Depending upon the location of […]

Differences between a JSC and Ltd Co in Vietnam

Question: Could you explain the differences between a JSC and Ltd Co in Vietnam? Answer: Please find the main difference between Company Limited and Joint Stock Company as follows: 1. Management Structure   Company Limited                                          Joint Sotck Company Member Council/One […]