Differences between a JSC and Ltd Co in Vietnam

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Question: Could you explain the differences between a JSC and Ltd Co in Vietnam?

Answer: Please find the main difference between Company Limited and Joint Stock Company as follows:

1. Management Structure


Company Limited                                          Joint Sotck Company

Member Council/One Owner                             General Meeting of Shareholders

(1- 50 members)                                               (3 shareholders upward)

Director/General Director                                 Board of Members

Inspection Committee (not compulsory)

Director/General Director


2. Right to transfer shares


A member who wishes to transfer                        Free to transfer shares, except for that

its shares in the company, he/she                       within 03 years from establishment of

must firstly offer share transfer to                        the company, a founding shareholder

other members of the Company. If                       can only transfer his/her shares to other

other member refuse to purchase,                      founding shareholders in the Company

he/she can transfer his/her shares                      unless otherwise approved by General

to the third parties                                              Meeting of Shareholders


3. Right to offer shares on Stock Market

None                                                                Yes.


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