SB Law advised to PVCOMBANK the trademark protection abroad

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PV Combank, a new bank trademark in Vietnam, was established from the merger of PetroVietnam Finance Corporation (PVFC) and the Western Bank.

With total assets of more than VND 100,000 billion, the chartered capital of VND 9,000 billion and 102 deals in the provinces and cities, PVcomBank created a strong position in Vietnam banking.

After the merging process, one of important tasks is to have a trademark strategy and build a unique & different trademark identity.

PVFCleaders provided a partner selection process in trademark advice meticulously and finally Richard Moore Associates is selected as trademark identity partner.

PVcomBank officially appeared and declared the trademark in 3rd October (*)

After the trademark identity was established in yellow mostly and different slogan "Banking is not spacing", PVFC was also so careful in selecting partners that provide the protection services to PVCombank trademark abroad.

SB Law, one of leading law firms and Intellectual Property representatives in Vietnam, provided the trademark protection service to so many finance & banking partners abroad such as MBBank, Hong LeongBank. And this law firm was selected as legal services provider unit by PFVC.

Hopefully, PVCombank trademark will be granted the international protection diploma and promote the presence of a Vietnamese bank trademark in foreign financial markets .

According to SB Law news.



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