Loan structure in Vietnam company

Question: Company A is 100% shareholder of Vietnam Company. So far company A has granted loans in the amount of USD 1 milions to Vietnam company. The questions would be: What is the exact definition of investment capital under Vietnamese law? Does the investment capital have to be increased as a result of the planned […]

ICC Arbitration rules 2021 will bring beneficial changes to all parties involved

In an important development for businesses engaged in cross-border transactions, the International Chamber of Commerce has amended its arbitration rules effective January 1, 2021. The amendments are designed to increase the efficiency, flexibility, and transparency of ICC arbitrations, while largely maintaining the core provisions that have made the ICC one of the most popular international […]

Duration and extension of duration of investment project’s operation

From 2021, the Law on Investment 2020 has provided new regulations on the duration of investment projects in Article 44 as follows: No more than 70 years for 3 types of projects: first, projects in economic zones; second, investment projects in areas with difficult socio-economic conditions or areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions; second, projects […]