Procedure for Establishing a Manpower Consultant (Employment Service) Agency

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The Vietnamese Labor Law recognizes the organizations providing consultancy, supplying and recruiting employees to their client employers. Such enterprises are called Manpower Consultancy or Employment Service agencies. But to operate, these enterprises must be established under the Law on Enterprise and should have obtained License from the competent provincial State labor management agencies.

S&B Law presents you a short analysis of the procedure to obtain license for such enterprise in Vietnam.


The Applicant should have an office existing for more than 36 months
The Applicant should meet the requirements on the working equipment in case of training and apprenticeship, under the regulation of the current law.
The Applicant should be equipped with personnel as required under the current law. The staff should include atleast five graduates (more are desirable) in the fields of law, economics, foreign language, etc. They should possess clean records i.e. they should not have committed any criminal offence. Their details and credentials should be certified with the local authorities. In case the personnel have an earlier work experience then their details should be verified with the ex-employer.
The Applicant should also meet the requirements of the city planning for employment agencies, as approved by the provincial authority.

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Handling the procedure of registration and establishing the agency on behalf of the Applicant Client.

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