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Question: I am from Korean but currently working as a teacher in Hanoi ,with 3 months working visa ,pls I wanted a work permit and residency card and I know your institution can help me out ,am having only my Educational degree certificates with me ,but am not having this criminal and health certificate and since am in Hanoi I wanted to know if your institution can help me with the other necessary documents to obtain the work permit and residency card and I want to know how much it will cost me and how long it’s gonna take for the process.


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For the obtaining work permit, beside educational degree certificate you still need certificate of working experience in the same field. In which, you shall obtain criminal certificate in your home country and health certificate from the hospital, so we can not help you to get this documents in Vietnam. Within our legal service scope, we can help you to get work permit. Generally, the estimated time for obtaining work permit shall be 35 working days upward. By the way, please noted that your employer in Vietnam shall be responsible to obtain work permit for you in Vietnam.


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