Work permit in Vietnam

Question: I am from Korean but currently working as a teacher in Hanoi ,with 3 months working visa ,pls I wanted a work permit and residency card and I know your institution can help me out ,am having only my Educational degree certificates with me ,but am not having this criminal and health certificate and […]

Work visa in Vietnam

Question: Where I have to send my documents to get a work permit in Vietnam? Answer: In order to obtain work permit in Vietnam, you must be firstly employed by an entity duly established and operating in Vietnam. Then, such employer shall be responsible to obtain work permit for you.  

Consulting services for Russian-speaking clients

Question: We are the unique company which provides wide range of services to Russian-speaking clients in Asian countries. We consult clients from CIS (Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan). We are looking for long-term business partners which will be able to provide services to the clients which we send to them in different spheres of business. We […]


Question: WE HAVE GOT A FEW ORDERS FOR OUR COSMETICS IN VIETNAM. WE WANT TO REGISTER OUR PRODUCTS IN VIETNAM. PLEASE LET US KNOW THE DETAILS Answer: I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the issue here under. Please note that, for registering cosmetic product in […]


Question: I am having a Company in Singapore. We want to setup one polyster bed sheet unit in Vietnam. Raw material for making this polyster bed sheet will be imported from china and the finished goods  that is POLYSTER BED SHEET will be exported to Asia and USA and other countries. Through this bed sheet […]