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Question: We are the unique company which provides wide range of services to Russian-speaking clients in Asian countries. We consult clients from CIS (Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan). We are looking for long-term business partners which will be able to provide services to the clients which we send to them in different spheres of business. We help Russian clients with real estate issues (including selling and buying), bank issues, labour issues, startups, corporate issues and many others.

Could you possibly send us your fees for the services provided by your company? And could you inform us if you have Russian-speaking specialists or translators who are able to translate all the documentation into Russian?


Our professional fees shall be based on the actual time our lawyers/consultants work on the services for which we have been retained.

Our lawyers and consultants keep track their time in minutes to the nearest 10 minutes and record their time daily.

Time record notations are made for any and all work performed, including but not limited to, office conferences, legal research, preparation of legal instruments, telephone and personal trips to and from the offices to relative places or client's offices.

Where SB Law offers an estimate for services based on hourly rates, such estimate may not adequately reflect the amount ultimately undertaken by SB Law in order to deliver the services.

In case the actual amount of work required by SB Law exceed our initial estimate, SB Law will advise of any possible excess such estimate.

Here under is our hourly rate schedule:

Partners: 250USD

Senior: 175USD

Associate: 100USD

Paralegal: 50USD

We also provide services on a fixed basis for many projects. Fixed professional fees applicable for each specific case shall very much depend on complication of each case.

For example, our minimum rate for setting up a representative office of a normal foreign company in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City shall be 1,750USD (exclusive of VAT: 10%; actual cost for translating documents of Clients from English into Vietnamese: 10USD/150 words etc). However, if Client request for setting up a representative office of an University in Vietnam, our fee may reach 5,000USD.

Any work or additional work which is not covered by the scope of work as agreed upon will be billed in accordance with our standard hourly rates.

We do hope that the above information can be helpful for you. If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.


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