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Question: If I will be appointed as the chief of representative in Vietnam office, do I need a work permit or I will be eligible for exemption for work permit? In this case could you please estimate the total fees to get the work permit and how long it’s gonna take.


Please note that under Vietnam Law, a chief of rerpresnentative office is still required to obtain work permit. Our cost for obtaining a work permit shall be 700USD. The fee is exclusive of VAT (10%) of total service fee, cost for translating your documents from English into Vietnamese, exp, your Passport, Diploma, Clean Criminal Record, Letter of reference on experience...(10USD/150 words), expense for obtaining Clean Criminal Record for you in Vietnam if you have stayed in Vietnam for 6 months before date of submission of application dossier for work permit and expense for obtaining Health Certificate if you need us to obtain Health Certificate in Vietnam and cost for traveling out of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (if you work outside Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City).

It shall take you about 26 working days from submission of application dossier to the competent authority to complete all.


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