Work Permit for foreigner in Vietnam

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I'm wondering if you could help me understand what are possibilities for me to obtain a work permit in Vietnam.

At the moment I'm on a tourist visa and I'm planning to probably move to Vietnam to work in the next coming months. For this reason I want to contact agencies that can help me with this task.

So, could you please kindly let me know what are the requirements for a Spanish citizen to apply and obtain a work permit here in Vietnam?


Please see our comments as below:

- For obtaining work permit in Vietnam, firstly, you must be employed by an entity duly established and operating under Vietnam Law.

- You must have

  • Clean criminal record from your home country;
  • Diploma in the field that you intend to work in Vietnam;
  • Experience in the same field and
  • Qualified Health.

Your employer in Vietnam shall be responsible to obtain work permit for you in Vietnam.



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