No Criminal Code 1999[1] Criminal Code 2015[2] 1 Article 170.- Breaching the regulations on the granting of industrial property protection deeds 1. Those who are competent to grant protection deeds and breach the law provisions on the granting of industrial property protection deeds, have already been disciplined or administrative sanctioned for such act but still […]

Trademark Registration in Vietnam (Associate)

Question: We are an IP firm based in Singapore and we have a client who wishes to register their trademark in Vietnam. We kindly request for a fee schedule for trademark registration in Vietnam that is extended to foreign associates such as ourselves, as well the process and documents required for a trademark application in […]

Vietnam working Visa

Question:  Can you arrangements for me Vietnam working Visa  what is proceeding how much it will cost please reply. Answer: We noted that you would like to seek for legal advice regarding to obtaining work permit in Vietnam. I am Lawyer of SB Law and I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to […]

Query on representative office in Vietnam

Question: I should clarify that as a representative office we would not be actually selling any financial products in Vietnam so would not need to be regulated by any ministry. We are solely looking at marketing purposes and probably setting up a call centre as an operations hub that would be calling into other countries […]

Non-Native Speaking English Teacher Work Permit in Vietnam

Question: I’m a Botswana citizen, I’m planning on completing my English Teaching Certificate (CELTA) in the next few months and I have a few questions I was hoping you can help me with: 1. Are there any specific citizenship requirements (eg: US, UK, Australia,Canadian Passport…etc) for getting a work permit as an English teacher in […]

Work Permit for foreigner in Vietnam

Question: I’m wondering if you could help me understand what are possibilities for me to obtain a work permit in Vietnam. At the moment I’m on a tourist visa and I’m planning to probably move to Vietnam to work in the next coming months. For this reason I want to contact agencies that can help […]

Repatriation of capital from Vietnam

Question: We are foreign company and looking for a long-term investment for our solar portfolio in Vietnam My concern is lack of depth in forex market in Vietnam, whether our organisation will be able to take out profits in internationally accepted currency from Vietnam. It looks fine on the paper, the whole process listed on […]