What is an excellent lawyer?

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The lawyer is becoming necessary. So, what is a lawyer? Are they important? What should a competent lawyer be like?

Currently, lawyer is starting to develop and become the top concern in Vietnam. As the economy develops, human’s awareness increases, social relationships will become more complex. Since then, legal problems arise more and need to be addressed. And, to protect your rights, you must comprehend the law or need a lawyer. They are the representatives of justice to perform the noble tasks. Let’s research about the talented lawyers below.

What is a lawyer?

Lawyers are practitioners related to legal issues in a country. The prerequisite is that they must receive standards or practising certificate from the competent authority. Talented lawyers play the role of providing legal services following the requests of an organization, an individual (also called as Client). That can be legal advice, drafting documents, representing client to discuss, negotiate matters regarding the law in order to protect the rights and interests of clients in court during legal proceeding.

What is a talented lawyer?

Talented lawyers are people with professional and ethical capacity to perform legal services. They undergo a long process of training, continuous effort. From there, they can collect many new skills, experiences to be assessed as good. Obviously, when litigation, these lawyers must have the good attitude and expertise, give sharp and confident words and especially gain a lot of victory. Some people may take up to 05 - 10 years to be recognized. And, to identify a good litigation lawyer, you can also rely on the following criteria:

Highly specialized knowledge

One of the top and important elements that can assess the quality of a talented lawyer is knowledge. When deeply understanding professional knowledge as well as culture, society, ... Lawyers will be very professional and satisfy requirements for litigation and proceeding. They can suggest and provide clients with the most complete and perfect legal services. From there, your chances of winning are much higher.

Good communication skill

Communication skills are one of the superlative skills for a talented lawyer. They will strengthen their confidence, willing to discuss with many correct arguments, make the listener admire and accept that he failed. Besides, good lawyers also need to practice additional skills such as listening, asking questions, assessing and analyzing problems, ... All of them are essential when conducting the proceedings.

Good at foreign language ​​is an advantage

In addition to the above knowledge and skills, foreign language is also a factor determining whether a lawyer is good or not. Because, without foreign languages, lawyers will not be able to operate on a large scale. Or, he can only solve the case of simple nature. Conversely, a lawyer good at foreign language ​​will improve legal knowledge. They will be able to explore many similar cases through reading and researching foreign sources of book and newspapers. Thus, the chance of winning is also higher. Foreign language gives lawyers a more professional and international working environment.

Above all, the good litigation lawyers need the ethics of practicing, must know right and wrong. Because as a person working for the law, it requires honesty not self-interest to succeed.

Where to find talented lawyers?

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Thus, you have already known what a talented lawyer is and where the best team of lawyers is. Hopefully, the article has brought you many valuable benefits. We wish you would quickly solve your questions when contacting 0904. 340.664 with SBLAW!




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