What are qualifications to become an arbitrator? Who are not allowed to act as an arbitrator?

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According to Article 20 of The Arbitration Law 2010,  a person with all the following qualifications may act as arbitrators:

a. Having full civil legal capacity as prescribed in the Civil Code;

b. Having a university qualifications and at least five years’ work experience in the discipline which he or she studied;

c. In special cases an expert with highly specialized qualifications and considerable practical experience may still be selected to act as an arbitrator nowithstanding he/she fails to satisfy the requirements prescribed in sub-clause (b) above.

Apart from the above-mentioned qualifications,  An arbitration centre may stipulate higher qualifications to arbitrators in its institution.

However, a person with all the qualifications precribed in clause 1 of Article 20 shall not be permitted to act as an arbitrator if he/she falls into one of the following categories:

(a)  Any person who is currently a judge, prosecutor, investigator, enforcement officer or official of a people’s court, of a people’s procuracy, of an investigative agency or of a judgment enforcement agency.

(b)  A person under a criminal charge or prosecution or who is serving a ciminal sentence or who has fully served the sentence but whose criminal record has bit yet been cleared.

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