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A developing country must be associated with the civilization of law. Nowadays, the law is increasingly being applied in people's lives. Be acknowledged of law is an extremely important requirement for everyone. If you do not understand the law, you should ask for help from lawyers working on legal issues. SB Law would like to introduce top 10th  litigation lawyers in the following contents:

  1. Lawyer Nguyen Thi Thu

Lawyer Nguyen Thi Thu holds a master's degree of international business law at François Rabelais de Tours University and has over 15 years of law practice experience in Vietnam.

Thu is an expert in mergers and acquisitions, commerce, securities and litigation.

In addition, she also assists entrepreneurs in other business-related issues such as expanding the scope of operations and implementing existing business strategies.

Lawyer Nguyen Thi Thu is also a visiting lecturer at the Judicial Academy, a lawyer of Hanoi Bar Association of the Vietnam Bar Federation and a famous speaker on other media.

Telephone: 024 62 62 0246

Phone number: 0912 305 614


  1. Lawyer Tran Tram

Tran Tram is currently the Director of LEVINA Limited Law Firm.

He is a member of the Ha Noi Bar Association, grated certificate of merit for Youth Union of Hanoi Bar Association .... Currently, she holds a master degree at the Faculty of Law, Hanoi National University. With nearly 10 years of experience in civil consultancy and proceedings, dedicated to legal support for customers.

Lawyer Tran Tram has received many certificates of merit in the field of practice such as: Certificate of a member in the Vietnam Bar Federation, certificate of training in mediation of dispute resolution.

At present, Ms. Tram is a person in charge of professionalism, human resource management and direct trainee guide for Apprentices Practicing Lawyer of Tai Nguyen Limited Law Firm.

Address: 36 Pho Nguyen Hong, Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

  1. Lawyer Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is currently working at the IMC Law Firm of the Hanoi Bar Association. Lawyer Cuong has many positive feedbacks and trust from Clients. In addition to his position as a litigation lawyer in Hanoi, he is also well known for resolving Criminal cases.

Address: 3rd Floor, 188 Vạn Phúc, Hà Đông District, Hà Nội City.

  1. Lawyer Nguyen Pho Dung

Lawyer Nguyen Pho Dung is currently the Managing Director of OPIC Law Firm and Associates headquarter in Hanoi. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of legal and practice consultancy, he always tries to protect the best interests of customers in resolving civil disputes and civil procedure services.

Lawyer Dung has contributed to creating certain career achievements, successfully supporting many civil cases and being trusted by the buyer. Currently, he is a lawyer of the Vietnam Bar Federation.

Address: 3rd Floor, 188 Vạn Phúc, Hà Đông District, Hà Nội City.

  1. Lawyer Bui Minh Bang

Bui Minh Bang Lawyer is currently the Director of Anh Bang Law Firm - VPLS Anh Bang and the joint venture. With more than 10 years of practical experience in the field of legal practice, Mr. Bang has successfully consulted and assisted many cases for clients in need. Lawyers are highly specialized in the areas of Business, Project, Intellectual Property, Labor, Criminal, Application ...

In addition, he has many achievements in the law profession such as the certificate of merit from the National Bar Federation, Hanoi Department of Justice.

Address: Room 1503, Building HH1, Đường Dương Đình Nghệ, Cầu Giấy District, Hà Nội City.

  1. Lawyer Nguyen Minh Anh

Lawyer Nguyen Minh Anh is the director of Tri Minh law firm and used to be the Chairman of LawPro Consulting Company, operating in Gia Pham Law Firm.

He is also highly appreciated for his reputation in dispute resolution activities with complicated cases and his authorized representative in commercial and civil business disputes at the Court and VIAC.

Address: 8th Floor, No. 1Thái Hà - Việttower Building, Đống Đa District, TP. Hanoi.

  1. Lawyer Nguyen Manh Thuat

Lawyer Nguyen Manh Thuat is the Director of Southeast Asia Law Partnership Company, Vice Chairman of the Professional Council, Deputy Director of the Center for Legal Advice and Policy on HIV / AIDS of Vietnam Lawyers Association.

Operating in the field of Civil Crime - Business - Marriage and Family - Inheritance Labor Tax - Accounting. With over 17 years of practicing law and undertaking many civil cases, he has many achievements in the field of civil procedures, experience in senior management positions and thousands of successful pharmaceutical cases..

Address: 76 Cù Chính Lan, Thanh Xuân, Thành phố Hà Nội.

  1. Lawyer Truong Thanh Duc

Lawyer Truong Thanh Duc is currently the Chairman of BASICO Law Company. With 30 years of professional consulting experience and profound knowledge in the field of economics and banking, he is considered as one of the most practical, insightful and effective researchers, critics legal and economic issues, banking.

In addition, German lawyers also publish many legal books and hundreds of articles in financial and legal newspapers in Vietnam.

Telephone: 0903.459.070


Address: Tiem 5B, The Times Building, 84 Trieu Viet Vuong, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

  1. Lawyer Nguyen Van Chien

Lawyer Nguyen Van Chien is the head of the Ha Noi Bar Association. He is one of the top and well-known litigation lawyers in Hanoi. In addition, he is a former student of Hanoi Law University, a member of the Asia-Pacific Bar Association, and a lecturer at the Criminal Justice Academy - Ministry of Justice.

With over 20 years of experience in litigation of criminal, civil, contractual disputes, inheritance, real estate and divorce, business consulting, establishment and operation of businesses, taxes, and banks. .. In particular, he has defended and successfully defended many individuals and businesses in large economic and security cases.


Address: 52 Quan Su, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

  1. Lawyer Pham Hong Hai

Lawyer Pham Hong Hai is currently Vice President of the Vietnam Bar Federation, chief of the law firm Pham Hong Hai and Associates. In addition, he is an arbitrator of the Vietnam International Arbitration Center.

He is better known as a man who once resonated successfully to defend the defendants in the famous and famous case in Vietnam. He is a person who has a lot of dedication to the law profession. In addition, he is very well known in the process of practicing law, especially in criminal field.

Address: Room 1, House A3 Social science collective, alley 7 Kim Ma Thuong, Q. Ba Dinh, TP. Hanoi.

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