Temporary residence card procedure for foreigners

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1. Applicable to:

Organization, office, and individual who have guarantee for foreigners to apply for temporary residence card.

 2. Admission requirement:

 - Residing in Vietnam for more than one year;

-  Having a valid passport not less than one year;

-  Having work permit.

 3. Procedure

 Step 1- Prepare the legal application dossier.

Step 2- The foreigner applying for Temporary residence card must have the guarantee of the office, organization, or individual to perform in Immigration Office (A72) – Ministry of Police.

 * The official shall receive and check the legal status of the dossier:

 - In case of valid dossier, the official shall write and deliver receipt for the applicant and request the applicant to pay the governmental fee. The fee official shall receive the money, write the bill and deliver to the applicant.

- In case of invalid dossier, the official shall require the applicant to supplement the documents.

 * Time for application: Weekdays from Monday to Saturday (except public holiday)

Step 3- Receiving the Temporary residence card at the Transaction Office of Immigration Office – Ministry of Police.

 - The applicant submits the receipt and bill to check. The official shall check and require signature of the receiver.

 * Time for result: Weekdays from Monday to Saturday (except public holiday)

  1. Application dossier:

 a. Necessary documents include:

- Written documents of agencies, organizations and individuals offering, guarantee and propose for temporary residence card;

- 01 declaration of information on foreigners applying for temporary residence, with photo and sealed by the agency or organization;

- 02 3cm x4cm size photographs;

- 01 copy of : passport, valid visa, immigration bills;

- 01 copy document that proves the purpose of staying in Vietnam (it’s up to the case that may file suitable documents:  investment licenses, enterprise registration licenses, work permit, certificate of board members management, representative office registration license, marriage/birth licenses, ...).

b. Number: 01 dossier.

 5. Governmental fee

 - One-year validity: 60 USD;

 - Two-year validity: 80 USD;

 - Three-year validity: 100 USD.

6. Outcome of the procedure: Temporary residence card

7. Competent authority:

Immigration Office (A72) – Ministry of Police.

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