State inspection of imported food safety

On December 21, 2015, the Ministry of Health issued the Circular No. 52/2015/TT-BYT on regulations on state inspection of imported food safety, and applications and procedures for grant of certificate of export to exported foods under the administration of the Ministry of Health. In accordance with this Circular’s regulations, standard inspection (include: is the inspection […]

Standards for staff of medical facilities carrying out the in vitro fertilization

Taking effects on February 15, 2016, the Circular No. 57/2015/TT-BYT dated December 30, 3015 of the Ministry of Health detailing a number of articles of the Decree No. 10/2015/ND-CP dated January 28, 2015 of the Government on giving birth through in-vitro fertilization and conditions for altruistic gestational surrogacy, including health standards for people who adapt the […]

Conversion of business types of credit institutions

Conversion of business types of credit institutions

On December 31, 2015, the State Bank of Vietnam issued the Circular No. 36/2015/TT-NHNN on restructuring of credit institutions. Accordingly, each credit institution may only convert its business type in accordance with business types prescribed in Article 6 of the Law on credit institutions and regulations of the State Bank. Protect confidentiality in order to […]

Cars running within an amusement park or sports center not subjected to set

This is the content prescribed at the Circular No. 195/2015/TT-BTC dated November 24, 2015 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the Decree No. 108/2015/ND-CP dated October 28, 2015 of the Government guiding a number of Articles of the Law on Special Excise Duty and the Law on amending the Law on Special Excise Duty. Besides the […]

To exempt from mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods temporarily imported, placed in transit

On November 23, 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Joint Circular No. 45/2015/TTLT-BNNPTNT-BKHCN on labeling of pre-packed genetically-modified foods. In accordance with the regulations in this Circular, the labeling of prepacked genetically-modified foods sold in Vietnam, at least 1 genetically modified ingredient of which makes […]

Block the inspected entity’s account if it is suspected to hide the property

In accordance with the Joint Circular No. 07/2015/TTLT-TTCP-NHNN dated November 25, 2015 by the Government Inspectorate and the State Bank of Vietnam guiding the account blockade of inspected entities; only if the inspected entity is suspected to hide the property or disobey the decision on confiscation of cash or property, the inspected entity’s account shall […]

Operation duration of a non-bank credit institution is no more than 50 years at the maximum

On December 25, 2015, the State Bank of Vietnam issued the Circular No. 30/2015/TT-NHNN on regulations on issuing the licenses, organization and operation of non-bank credit institutions; within that, the most important content is the requirements for licensing joint stock non-bank credit institutions. Accordingly, the founding shareholders must have at least two founding shareholders as organizations, […]

To annul the regulations on paying wage within working month for employees

On November 16, 2015, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social issued the Circular No. 47/2015/TT-BLDTBXH guiding the labor contracts, labor disciplines and material responsibilities prescribed in the Decree No. 05/2015/ND-CP dated January 12, 2015 of the Government guiding the implementation of a number of the Labor Code’s contents. In accordance with the regulations in […]