To exempt from mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods temporarily imported, placed in transit

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On November 23, 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Joint Circular No. 45/2015/TTLT-BNNPTNT-BKHCN on labeling of pre-packed genetically-modified foods.

In accordance with the regulations in this Circular, the labeling of prepacked genetically-modified foods sold in Vietnam, at least 1 genetically modified ingredient of which makes up over 5% of the total amount of ingredients permissible for food production. Genetically modified foods must be labeled according to law provisions on goods label. The phrase “genetically modified” and content thereof shall be written on product’s label next to the name of the genetically modified ingredients. Regarding products whose area for labeling is smaller than 10 cm2, the phrase “genetically modified” must be displayed on the label; other compulsory information that cannot be displayed on the label must be written on documents and packed together with the product.

Food products carried along for personal use within  the duty-free allowance; food products carried in diplomatic bags and consular bags; food products temporarily imported, placed in transit, transferred to bonded warehouses; food products used as samples for testing or studying;  food products used as samples to be displayed in trade fair and exhibition; and raw materials, food additives, food processing aids, packages that are imported for production only and transported internally between warehouses from province to province under the same enterprise’s system are exempted from mandatory labeling.

This Joint Circular takes effect on January 08, 2016. Any genetically modified foods having labels unconformable to regulations in this Joint Circular must not be produced and imported after January 08, 2017.


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