Standards for staff of medical facilities carrying out the in vitro fertilization

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Taking effects on February 15, 2016, the Circular No. 57/2015/TT-BYT dated December 30, 3015 of the Ministry of Health detailing a number of articles of the Decree No. 10/2015/ND-CP dated January 28, 2015 of the Government on giving birth through in-vitro fertilization and conditions for altruistic gestational surrogacy, including health standards for people who adapt the in-vitro fertilization service, have pregnancy or give birth; facilities, equipment and staff of medical facilities permitted to carry out the in-vitro fertilization technique; procedures for examination and diagnosis of infertility; technical process of in vitro fertilization; retention and sharing of information.

Accordingly, any person involved in in-vitro fertilization must not have the following diseases: diseases that make his/her health unsatisfactory for in-vitro fertilization, for having pregnancy or giving birth; sexually transmitted diseases, HIV or group A/B infectious diseases; hereditary diseases that may affect life and the development of the child; mental illness or other diseases that makes him/her unable to have awareness or direct his/her behavior. And any person involved in in-vitro fertilization technique must obtains a written conclusion by the head of a medical facility qualified  for carrying out the in-vitro fertilization certifying that his/her health conditions is suitable for involving in in-vitro fertilization procedures, for having pregnancy and giving birth.

Any person directly carries out the in vitro fertilization must obtain qualifications in in-vitro fertilization technique (recognized qualifications of trade in in-vitro fertilization technique, applicable to staff members receiving training from overseas qualified establishments under similar or higher conditions than those in Vietnam. He/she shall obtain certificates of having directly carried out at least 20 (twenty) cycles of infertility treatment using in-vitro fertilization technique and shall obtain a practice certificate according to regulations in the Law on Medical examination and treatment…

Information about IVF cases shall be retained at medical facilities carrying out the IVF for at least 02 (two) years since the last treatment procedure finished. Information about the donation and receipt of sperms, eggs, embryos and the cases of surrogacy for humanitarian reasons shall be retained at medical facilities for at least 20 (twenty) years since the last treatment procedure finished.



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