SBLAW Lawyers conduct information security training for Japanese FDI Enterprises

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With the robust advancement of technology today, facilitating the connection and transmission of information between businesses has become both easy and convenient. However, this convenience also harbors numerous risks of corporate information leakage, leading to severe consequences for reputation, finances, and various other substantial losses for businesses.

For example, in cases where a business collaborates with partners and inadvertently exposes customer information, it can significantly impact the company's reputation. This loss of trust may make future collaborations challenging. Additionally, financial losses can occur, such as when a business signs a business cooperation contract with a customer. This contract typically includes terms related to the security of information, and the business can be sued if it breaches the data of its customers. The amount of the fine depends on the severity of the incident, causing economic losses for the business.

To address these concerns, Vietnamese law has regulations on information security in contracts to protect businesses and maintain fairness and standards in the business environment. Information security is governed by several legal documents, including the 2015 Civil Code, the 2019 Labor Code, the 2005 Commercial Law, the 2005 Intellectual Property Law (amended in 2019), the 2018 Competition Law, among others. Information security involves the responsibility of one party, upon obtaining information or documents from another party through a contractual relationship, to ensure the confidentiality of such information and documents. Confidentiality agreements can be expressed through a clause in the contract or an independent Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Throughout negotiations, signing, implementation, and even after the termination or cancellation of a contract, information security plays a crucial role in protecting the rights and binding obligations of the parties involved. Recognizing the importance of this, businesses in Vietnam are paying close attention to training and enforcing information security regulations.

SBLAW Lawyers conduct information security training for Japanese FDI Enterprises

SBLAW Lawyers conduct information security training for Japanese FDI Enterprises
SBLAW Lawyers conduct information security training for Japanese FDI Enterprises

SBLAW Lawyers conduct information security training for Japanese FDI Enterprises

Proud to be a reputable and experienced unit in the field of information security regulations, on February 27, 2024, SBLaw Company conducted a highly practical training session at Sanwa Vietnam Manufacturing Company Limited. The training covered essential topics such as clarifying regulations on confidentiality agreements, methods of providing confidential information, using confidential information for the intended purpose, and responsibilities in case of violation. SBLaw also provided direct assistance in addressing questions from businesses and employees related to the enforcement of these security regulations.

After the training session, most individuals, particularly employees, and businesses, gained a basic understanding of confidentiality agreements and how to correctly enforce these regulations. This knowledge helps individuals and businesses minimize the risk of corporate information leakage and establishes professionalism and trust from the outset with partners and customers.

Every company will have its own measures and security methods depending on the needs and scale of the organization. Regardless of the solution used, the common goal is to secure information to prevent undesirable consequences. SBLaw Company understands this and is ready to share with businesses in building information security regulations and conducting training sessions on implementing these security measures to enhance awareness and contribute to the sustainable development of the business environment.

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