SB Law supported PPP Laser Clinic in legal service in Vietnam

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PPP Laser Clinic is the Singaporean company, which is using the Laser technology for face care.

This technology was researched by Doctor Goh Seng Heng, the Founder of PPP Clinical Centre and the Medical Doctor of Medical Beauty Association of Singapore. This technology brought the specific solution for laser treatment and beam of light for effective utilization.

With the innovative and exclusive technology of PPP Laser, the Customers will be satisfied with unhurt, no side effect, no relax time treatment. This method will help the Customers to have the clean, healthy and less sensitive, and firm skin under the heat of the laser to stimulate the production of the collagen on the skin surface.

PPP Laser was established as the clinics in Thailand, Singapore and other countries, with the open business strategy. In 2013, PPP Laser opened the clinics in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

In this investment, PPP Laser chose the lawyers of SB Law as the legal service provider for Vietnamese market. This cooperation will improve the business in Vietnam.

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha attended the opening ceremony of PPP Clinic in Hanoi.

We hope that the careful investment and exclusive technology will help PPP Laser Clinic to be successful in Vietnamese investment area.



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