Registering copyright for software in Vietnam

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1. Procedure to register a copyright for a software in Vietnam

According to Vietnam Law on Intellectual Property, in order to get a copyright registration for a work in general as well as a software in particular, the author(s)/ owner (s) must do the registration procedure at the Copyright Office of Vietnam (COV).

With the function of an Intellectual Property Representative in Vietnam, SBLaw would like to provide the client our service as below:

- Drafting and preparing necessary documents for registering a copyright of software

- Being on behalf of you to file the said documents and follow up the registration procedure at COV

- Being on behalf of you to resolve all matters arising from COV until a copyright registration certificate is granted for you by COV.

2. Fees for a copyright registration in Vietnam

SBLAW would like to inform the client that the official fees and our service fees for a copyright registration for a software in Vietnam is USD 250.

Please be noted that the mentioned fees are exclusive 5% VAT of our fees and other disbursement (if any) such as: translation fee, communication fee …

3. Required documents

In case the client would like to use our service, please send to us the following documents:

3.1 Two notarized copies of your Identity Card;

3.2 Power of Attorney (drafted by SB Law)

3.3 Two software disks containing the content of your software

3.4 Two written descriptions of your soft ware


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